Casino Bonuses

An online casino bonus is a game money or voucher that is given on casino sites within certain limits or completely free of charge. If, we want to separate the bonuses we can say that there are two bonus types. One being given completely free without depositing even 1 penny, and the bonuses given for your deposits or losses, that we can call them royalty bonuses. Absolutely the free bonus has various wagering requirement in order for you to be able to withdraw that money. This wagering can be playing up to 40 times the amount of the bonus. For example if the website is giving you free 10 $ to try their casino games. And you made 200 $ with this only with three or four hands on roulette you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings immediately, because you did not finished the wagering.

Wagering in Free Casino Bonus

We will give basic example for 10 $ casino bonus with 40 times wagering requirement. You will need to play 400 $ in order to complete the wagering. After that you can withdraw the money that you will win. And don’t forget that there is maximum amount that you can win from free bonus. If you make more than you can withdraw it will be deleted from your balance before you make your withdraw.

Free Casino Free Spins

Today slots became more and more popular casino games, they are easy and fun for playing real enjoyment even if you are new player or you have been playing online casino for years. For this reason more than half of the online casinos give free spins for their new registered users. Also this free spins have wagering requirements. Usually 15 to 20 times from the amount that you won from the free spins. For example if you get 20 free spins and win 10 $ with that free spins you will have to play 150 $ or 200  $ with the 10 $ to complete the wagering and withdraw the money.

Different Types of Bonuses in Online Casinos

There are hundreds of casino bonuses. You can get various bonuses for various process. You can get up to 150% bonus for your first deposit as welcome bonus to the online casino. There are online casinos that give you welcome bonus in three stages for your first deposit 150% for your second deposit 100% for your third deposit 50%. After that you can get bonus for you every new deposit being 10% or 20%.

The welcome bonuses have bigger wagering requirements than the normal deposit bonuses. Some of the normal deposit bonuses don’t have wagering requirements you will only need to play 2 times the amount of your deposit which this is valid even for your own money even if you get bonus or not. The online casinos don’t give you only bonuses for your deposits, they also give you bonuses for your losses too. Bonuses given for losses are called cashback bonus. The cashback bonuses are without any wagering requirement and you can withdraw the amount you will get from the promotion. The cashback bonuses have also differences being instant cashback bonus, daily cashback bonus, weekly cashback bonus and many more variations.