Cashback Bonuses

Vegas Hero Live Casino Weekly Cashback Bonus
CasinoMia 50% Weekly Reload Bonus up to 500 EUR
Monthly Cashback BONUS up to 20% NO Wagering Requirements

Cashback Bonuses

We all love cashback, and online casinos love to keep us on their websites. So they give their best to give us the best services possible. How better is having one more chance in your favorite online casino game? Yes you can get cashback bonus for your losses. There are various online casino losses bonuses. They are more called cashback bonuses. As all the bonuses we can say that online casino cashback are divided in two. Online casino cashback bonus that hat wagering requirements and online casino cashback bonus that does not have any wagering requirements. You might find it confusing but it’s not confusing at all.


Limits and Wagering Requirements

Usually the deposit bonuses have lower amount of bonus that you can get, but in cashback bonuses the amount is way bigger than the deposit bonuses. And the wagering requirements are different than the deposit bonuses. There are various types of cashback bonuses you can get instant cashback bonus, daily cashback bonus, weekly cashback bonus and many more types of cashback bonus. The more you wait for your bonus the more the amount will be. If you get your bonus instantly after you lose your money the bonus amount might be smaller and the wagering might be bigger, bit if you wait all week for your bonus you will get bigger amount of bonus and smaller wagering requirements or even the bonus might be without any wagering. You can withdraw your cashback bonus immediately if the bonus is without any wagering requirements. Not like in the deposit bonuses, where you will have to wager 1x time the amount you deposited even if you don’t get any bonus.



If you get %10 deposit bonus with no wagering requirement you will have to play the amount you have deposited + 10% of that amount (the bonus you will) one time in order to withdraw the money. Let’s say that you deposited 500 $ got 50 $ bonus you balance will be 550 $ you will need to play 550 $ in order to withdraw the money. Even if you don’t get any kind of bonus you will need to play one time (1x)  the amount you have deposited to withdraw the money.

Where in cashback bonus is not like this. There are bonuses that need to be wagered but the bonuses without any wagering requirements are 100% without any wagering and you can withdraw them immediately after you get them in your balance.



In this article we have explained what is cashback bonus, give examples what kind of cashback bonuses there are, mentioned the benefits of the cashback bonus.  But please keep in mind that every online casino has their own terms and conditions for their bonuses. All the bonuses are different and have different terms and conditions. For better experience you can read more about every single bonus review found above this article and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to don’t miss the best bonus promotions by hundreds of online casinos.