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Free Spins

Slots are one of the most exciting and fun games. Having all kind of themes they appeal to wide range of audience. It does not matter if you are first time player or long time player. Slot games are really easy and simple you can start playing them without anyone telling you certain rules like you have rules in poker, blackjack and other online casino games. And if you are lucky enough you can get the free spins and be sure that whenever you get the free spins you will be smiling because getting free spins while playing increase you chance for wining. Noticing this, online casino started to promote the free spin games more than the other slot games. And in addition to this more than half of the online casinos give up to 50 free spins only for registering in their account.

Types of Free Spins

Mainly there are two different free spins, but they are working with the same principle. As we know in slot games the reels are spinning, and as we can understand from the name you with free spins the reels spinning will be for free. But you will not play for free the spin will be counted as played with real money and all the money you will win with free spins will be transferred to your balance after the free spins will end.

In Game Free Spins

There are free spins that you can get while playing your favorite slot game and this kind of free spins are very useful for players because their winnings always rise like a rocket.  Usually the amount of this free spins are up to 20 time. Sometimes you can get free spins inside free spins this is like hitting the jackpot. If you get free spin this means it is your lucky day.

Sign Up Free Spins

The other variation of free spins is the free spins you get for registration in online casinos website. To get this free spins you need to create an account in online casino website and verify your account. Without verifying your account you will not be able to benefit from the free spins. Don’t worry the verification process is very simple and fast.

Account Verification 

There are two types of verification processes. Verification by email address or verification by phone number. In email verification you will need to click the automatically generated verification link that will be sent to your email inbox. For verification with phone number you will receive a SMS  containing short code. In the online casino website there will be user verification area where you will have to write the SMS code. After completing the verification process you can claim your free spins for signing up in the online casinos websites. Above you can find various of types of free spins and you can read all the terms and conditions for that particular free spin bonus, along with the wagering requirements.