Players that got Frauded in Online Poker

Players that got Frauded in Online Poker

In this article, we want to find out how poker has changed over the years and why online poker has been cheated on and why it’s not so popular. We think it’s unnecessary to waste your money and time learning this game. It’s no longer about gambling, everyone knows it. We hope that after reading this article, you will have no doubt that you may have been cheated in any poker room.

Online Poker from 2004 to 2017

Let’s go back ten years and see stories about how players lived through poker. Using these carefree stories and tens of thousands of dollars a month, poker rooms attract new users. While the casinos operated under the slogan “our online reputation is our everything” and said their online poker is fair, the forums were full of arguments and facts about cheating happening in poker rooms.

Party Poker was one of the first sites to launch a new mainstream online industry. It accepted players from the US and other countries. Everything was fine until the party owners decided that some players won more and others lost more. At this point, they changed their minds and started deceiving regular players.

Big Money Stolen from Players

In 2009, Party Poker became famous for the confiscation of the funds of its “positive” players. The reason for blocking and confiscating funds was malicious accusations such as fraud, conspiracy, use of illegal software.

The party was the first casino to start fighting against “positive” players to protect amateurs and newcomers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen by the operator to guarantee the integrity of the game and responsibility for the money. Party Poker has only created tables for “negative” players. Accounts with positive or near-zero statistics could not be included in the table. There is a strong skepticism among players when reading about:

  • “I got an email, and they are closing my poker account. The only reason is that I am a “positive” player, they are referring to the paragraph on terms and conditions stating that they can terminate the services of any account without any notice or reason.
  • So even an insignificant percentage of players who have the talent and can win in poker are blocked by poker rooms. The party not only deceives players, but also confiscates full account balance. They seem to pay for the moral damage of their own employees.

Closing rooms and stealing players’ money:

Many poker rooms were closed between 2013 and 2017 and the players’ money was confiscated. Imagine that you are registered on the site, you made a real deposit and you see the 404 error when trying to connect again the next day. Your money is gone. The room is closed and there is no trace in the back. Authorities cannot help. Your money has been stolen by the poker room and you have been deceived. Unfortunately, such situations happen quite often.


Poker affiliates generally offer a substantial commission discount, for example, 70-80% of the commission paid in a month is returned to the player. This attracted the attention of programmers who started developing bots. Special programs have been developed that can be played on their own without any other help. It wasn’t very good at first, but the technology is showing progress, and to date, on the iPoker network, according to unverified reports, some of the players are bots.

Despite the complexity of developing such a program, it has a certain advantage over the casual gamer. The bots have no feelings and emotions. They don’t even get tired. It plays according to the strictly applied schedule. Are you ready to play against a computer? How well do you know bank luck and poker math? When registering, there is a point in the rules (terms and conditions) stating that your competitors are real people. However, the number of bots has increased significantly in recent years and honest poker operators are much less.

We would recommend you to check out our article about Online Poker Fraud. Where we explain what the scammers do to scam poker players.

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