The Fibonacci Strategy in Roulette

The strategy of the Fibonacci (Leonardo Fibonacci 1170-1250) series is a series that can be taken to infinity like any mathematical series, and each number in the series is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers. Interestingly, this series can find responses in many areas, from computer programming to biology and live roulette games as it will be explained in this article.

The series proceeds as follows; 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610-987…

You can also easily apply the logic of this series at the roulette table. Unlike the Martingale system, when applying this series, you do not have to start with the minimum bet on the table. You can start playing roulette by setting any of the values in the series as the stake. This is of course directly related to your case. You should also create the starting point, taking into account the maximum limit of the table. If you are going to apply the Fibonacci roulette strategy for the first time, starting out with a small amount in the first stage will help you in high bets. When applying this system, we recommend that you place “even-money” bets, such as roulette color bets, odd-even number bets or dozen bets, as in the Martingale system.

Let’s talk about how to apply the strategy and number series to roulette; Suppose you started the strategy with a 1 EUR bet. If you have won your first bet, you will logically continue from the minimum and you will take this forever as your bet stays, but in the ideal world, this situation seems almost impossible to go on forever. A player who has always won or lost has not been released yet. In its simplest way, as you lose in this system, betting is continued as much as the next number in the series. If you win again, you make a bet by going back 2 numbers on the series. If you have lost, you bet on the next number in the series. In this way, the rule is applied until the bet amount you started first. Let’s exemplify The Fibonacci Strategy in Roulette with numbers.

Fibonacci Roulette Betting Table

Bet Amount Bettin Result Cumulative Win
1 Lost -1
1 Lost -2
2 Lost -4
3 Lost -7
5 Lost -12
8 Lost -20
13 Lost -33
21 Win -12
8 Lost -20
13 Win -7
5 Win -2
2 Win 0
1 Win +1

You can see the roulette system of any Fibonacci series that we have played in the Fibonacci roulette betting table. At the point you have earned in the Martingale system, you have a profit of 1 EUR as here, but there is an important difference even if it looks the same. With the Fibonacci system, the biggest bet amount made when the first 8 bets (i.e. our first win) was lost, as in the example, is 21 EUR. From this point of view, this system can be seen as safer in terms of case management. You will also find the maximum bet limits of roulette tables more difficult with this system, so you will encounter the maximum bet obstacle less. However, the maximum betting obstacle may still be one of the biggest obstacles in this system.

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