When it comes to blackjack cheats, the focus has always been on gamers for years. Of course, things, like stealing chips or storing a card in arm, have been experienced. However, in today’s casinos, such things do not happen anyway due to observers and legal inspectors. The same goes for licensed online casinos. The player is not able to cheat blackjack anyway, he is under strict follow-up of international auditors in major casinos. Websites under this control are already mentioned on our pages, do not put yourself at risk by putting your chances elsewhere. But let’s take a look at some of the tactics that have been going on for a long time. Beginners think that even card counting is cheating. However, this is just mathematics and not cheating. This is a blackjack strategy like Martingale, Paroli. In fact, as we mentioned in our article, famous blackjack players applied to the court in this regard and were found right.

Most Used Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Although there wasn’t a lot of cheating possibilities in the hands of the players, there were many blackjack tricks used by casinos. Some of these blackjack tricks are rarely still available today in illegal casinos. However, they cannot be used in licensed online casinos or official local casinos. However, there are some tactics that you can use as an actor to influence your loss, even if you do not count on cheating. Let’s take a look at these old blackjack tricks.

Removing Cards From Deck

Before we explain the first way for casinos to cheat in blackjack, let’s underline that this is no longer an usable way. Both local and online casinos now have inspectors. They can raid as soon as they wish and count the cards after hand. But of course this was not easy in the past. Some casinos were able to remove a few 10 or the same valuable cards like Jacks from the deck. You might ask yourself how this will help the casinos? Mathematically negatively affects your chances of winning as a player in the long run. The reason for this is that the low number of the “10” cards reduces your chances of winning in blackjack as a player. When you make 21, you get 1.5 times the payment. However, if the dealer makes 21, it can only take your money as much as 1 bet. They reduced your chances of this and were profitable in the long run.

Psychological Blackjack Cheats used by Casinos

What we describe in this article are the methods that casinos use to influence the subconscious and psychology of the players, even if it is not exactly cheating. For example, dealers who distribute cards are instructed to redistribute the hand as soon as possible to play more hands. This is to prevent you from making a wrong decision quickly and getting out of the table. When you say 1 more hand, your risk will grow regardless.

Another well-known tactic is to offer free alcoholic beverages to reduce the mental capacities of blackjack players and enable them to play carelessly. Don’t drink alcohol and sit at the blackjack table.

Finally, there is an application that casinos offer less low-stakes tables. Online casino websites are unable to do this too much because of the competition. However, this is very common in local casinos. When a few low limit tables are full, players have to turn to larger tables to play. Thus, the casino is more likely to win. If you encounter such situations, we suggest you wait a bit to find a place at the table at your own limit.

Hand Quickness

Hand quickness is one of the most classic methods known. This blackjack trick, used by casinos to casino  players, includes tricks related to the quick hand of the croupiers. Some croupiers had worked so hard in this topic that they could skip a card and give it the card underneath, even before the player noticed it. Now it is not possible to do this, with the notice of a player or dealer, million-dollar casinos can be closed by the state instantly. Such attempts at a table are not put at risk. Theoretically, the house is always advantageous in the long run on the Blackjack game. However, if you are playing blackjack in places like informal illegal places, you should be careful about such things. We would definitely not recommend you to play in illegal places. There are thousands of licensed online casinos where you can enjoy playing your favorite casino games with 100 % secure and private experience.

In short, the majority of casinos today are supervised by powerful gaming authorities such as the UK Gambling Authority and MGA, which do not tolerate any kind of deception. This is only valid for online casinos. If you want to find online casinos with various casino games, various bonuses and promotions you can check our online casinos’ page. We have hundreds online casino reviews, in every review, you can find information for the casinos about when they were established, information about the license, who is the owner of the casino, what kind of games they have, who are the software providers, are there any restricted countries and regions and if there are which they are, accepted payment methods, withdraw methods and limits, measurements about data security and privacy. In addition to this you can also check our bonuses reviews for all the casinos that are reviewed on our website. You can find all the information that you need about the bonus. The bonus codes, maximum bonus amount, maximum winning amount using the bonus, maximum bets you can place with using the bonus amount, bonus wagering requirements and bonus terms & conditions.

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