Winnings and Payouts on Netent Video Slots

Winnings and Payouts on Netent Video Slots

When choosing a video slot, the player must have knowledge not only of the external features (design and graphics, plot, color scheme) but also profitability. That’s why today we will try to explain everything that you need to know about Winnings and Payouts on Netent Video Slots. Generally, everyone pays attention to the Return to Player percentage (RTP). But this parameter only shows the absolute mathematical expectation in the game and sometimes does not reflect the periodicity and magnitude of the winnings. Distribution is responsible for these indicators.

As you know, video slot machines collect funds that players have deposited for bets and distribute them back in the form of wins. How much money the video slot will give players depends on its settings.  This value is usually between 95% and 99%. Incidentally, this value is only provided over a long distance (after millions of spins), not every spin. So, who would agree to play a slot machine that costs 1-5 cents for every dollar?

Therefore, the slots randomly give the winnings. For this, this event corresponds to the distribution. Characterizes the distribution of all winnings in the slot machine. For example, let’s say video slot # 1 often gives money, but a little less and less. This refers to the deviation from the mean value, which is insignificant. Such a slot machine is called a low dispersion of the video slot. In Video slot 2, the winnings are rare but big, so it can be called a slot machine with high dispersion.

The rate (bet) per single spin and the current account balance can affect influence in the distribution (volatility) of online slots. In video slots with low dispersion value, we can put 1/50 ‘- 1/100’ of our balance, then in multi dispersion slot machines, it is necessary to be more careful and deposit 1/500 for the balance. In other words, the higher the dispersion value, the longer the chain of empty spins and more money will be needed, but the corresponding gains will be much greater.

Dependencies of Values in The Video Slots:

As can be seen in the table, there is a direct link between the maximum wins coefficient and the slot machine’s cycle length, and this is the distribution of wins. Each video slot has its own game cycle; this length is not disclosed by the producers. Our experimenter determined the parameters specified in the table in detail. At the start of the cycle, the slot machine “rolls” the bets and “fires” a big win when the pool is full.

After the cycle is over, the slot machine begins to return its wins depending on the size and frequency of the distribution. We think you can make a big profit at this stage of the cycle. It is only possible to describe the stage of the cycle in practice.

Advanced Jackpots in NetEnt Slots

In online slots with an advanced jackpot feature, the “spread” is extremely high. These slots have the longest cycle and collect money for a huge jackpot. Then all the jackpot goes to a lucky person. Of course, it may be tempting to have a huge profit, but the probability of this event is 1 in 100 million.

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