What Should You Do if You Lose All Your Money in the Casino?

What Should you Do if You Lose All Your Money in the Casino?

If you play with money, losing all the money in a casino is an inevitable part of your life. Until then, the player starts borrowing money to compensate for his loss; It can stop the development of game addiction. When debts are lost, the lender is better off. The game is in the foreground. The result is not important, only the game. This article is about What Should You Do if You Lose All Your Money!

Is it scary? This is just the beginning of gambling addiction. At the end of the social bottom line. Without family and no friends. If you are a new player yet and feel you cannot control yourself, you can completely distance yourself from them. If you are already “on the road”, I recommend that you read this article to the end and read the relevant topics at the bottom of the page. We’ll help you stop.

You Have No Idea How You Gained What You Lost

Maybe you’ve heard it saying, “Newbies have luck.” Players who come to the casino for the first time manage to win. I don’t know how and what force causes the ball to fall to the desired number and the slots give a bonus, but it works. If you gave all the money to the casino on your first visit, you will earn much more. Actually, you are very lucky.

You no longer have the motivation to continue the game and try to win. You will only be sorry for the money. However, let’s talk about what happened before: the player lost all his money in the casino. What to do next?

What should You do?

I lost all the money in the account in the online casino. I played for the first time. This situation fits perfectly with the statement “you are lucky to lose”. I believe that winning in this situation will be much more dangerous. Our brains are designed for you to be a gambler if you started playing the casino for money. Losing all the money from poker or from wagering elsewhere is not the end of the world.

The most important thing you have to do is keep playing to win, even if you have lost a large amount. This money is no longer yours. The casino should not “refund” you money in the win form. In any case, you don’t need to borrow money or upload additional coins to “fight”.

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How to Avoid Losing All Money in Online Casino

Losing all my money on the online casino. I am constantly playing. Having an equal win / lose situation. If you are a regular player we have very good advice. It helped me a lot to deal with many problems at once. Take a piece of paper and a pencil. Do not open Excel or Notepad on the computer. Write down the date of today and the amount of loss and note the amount of money deposited into your account.

Do not include bonuses or intermediate winnings. Write down your “net” loss. Do this over a calendar month and then summarize. These facts will help you understand how much you lose in a month.

Our consciousness is under the influence of gambling addiction and is set up only to think about making money. The feeling you get from any amount of loss is much more than the same amount of money you will gain. It will often happen that you will be “black” during the next $ 100 loss. This will help you tame the “revenge” feeling and lose them one by one by not making a deposit of even 10. Usually, money played in a bad day or two, you can’t stop when you get a bad slot or after a big win. What Should You Do if You Lose All Your Money, this was detailed information about the problem in online casinos and how to avoid it!

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