Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a kind of betting game; which rather than luck, a strategy is based on implementation. So no matter how lucky you are, you cannot be a successful roulette player if you are not a good technical player. So what should be considered when playing roulette and what roulette strategies should be applied?

  • Don’t Play Until All Money Is Lost

While playing roulette, sometimes players get caught up in the game when they say 3 – 5; They also looked at that they lost all their money. If you see that your money is constantly decreasing at a table; you must leave that table immediately. If you are constantly losing at every table, you should learn roulette strategies.

  • Play European Roulette

The best online casinos that host live roulette game have two types of Roulette: European type and American Type. There are two 0’s in American roulette games: 0 and 00. In other words, when the 0 or 00 comes, all the coins mentioned are transferred to the casino. In addition, in American roulette, the profit of the safe is a huge ratio of 5.26 percent. In European roulette, the casino cash ratio is 2.70 percent and there is a single 0.

  • Don’t Fill All The Table With Bets

Some new players state that they trust their luck and listen to their instincts, and they bet on one or more numbers in each area of the table. While the game is starting, there are chips placed on the table for 7 to 8 points. With this game strategy, winning games will be easier than others. Because you put money almost anywhere in the game table. But the bet you make during the game and the winning rate do not match. Because you will play the lowest paying game type. Instead, you must use bets where an odd number is selected or a few numbers are selected.

  • Best Roulette Strategies

The best roulette strategy is to play 3 – 4 numbers in a straight game. During straight play, only one number is selected per round. If this number wins, a 35-fold gain is achieved.

  • Playing Tactical Game

In roulette tables, especially in the roulette types played on the internet, a section that accompanies the players displays previously published numbers. Looking at the overall flow of the game, the probability of each number coming up seems to be the same, but when the previously released numbers are removed from this list, the remaining numbers will be more likely to appear. In addition, it is natural to lose as much money as you deposit in every 37 spins. So if you deposit $ 10 in each round, if you lose more than $ 10 in total at the end of 37 rounds, you need to change your roulette tips. You can get help from various roulette programs developed for roulette tips.

  • Do Not Bet On Continuously Losing Numbers

Stop betting on numbers that cause you to lose constantly. Some of us say that the chance will be on my side now and we continue to bet on the same numbers, this is my auspicious count, and they try to keep playing on the numbers they have lost constantly with such thoughts. This is causing players to constantly lose in the roulette game.

If you want to check out the best and most used roulette system you can see our gaming tips posts by clicking here.

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