The Situation in Online Poker from 2007-2020

The Situation in Online Poker from 2007-2020

As you know, the online gambling industry is going through major changes. Even the PokerStars operator has introduced a new format called Spin and Go (SNG) where everything is decided. The skill level of the players is not as important as the will of the event and the luck laughing at you. In my opinion, online casinos have gotten involved in all the business around. We realized that the era of poker is over and that Netent is on the scene on the game’s internet platform. Many poker rooms have evolved in online casinos and keep players in this segment. Let’s try to analyze the background of online poker and casino.

Online Casinos from 2007 to 2020

We don’t think you will find much information about the history of gambling online: It covers the period from 2007 to 2015, we would like to make a special point about criticism of gambling. We hope we can be very interesting and informative directly to many events.

Let’s divide our history into different parts. At first, we want to tell us about online poker, the biggest scam of the 21st century. In our opinion, the day is approaching when it will be realized that universal deception in this area is coming to everyday players. In the second part, we want to address the changing trends and development principles that are blocking the online casino. Also imagine operators merging poker and casino platforms into one product, or even casinos merging.

Online Poker History

At the beginning of 2007, many people thought they could win by playing online games, and that was great. Above all, these feelings aroused online poker. The apparent advantages with such work in the form of higher wages and free charts encouraged many players to quit and dedicate themselves to the game. As a bonus, it was an opportunity to “work” anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Tens of thousands of players have made poker their main source of earnings. At the same time, many so-called poker schools were eager to teach beginners the basics of poker to register their affiliates. Chief among these is the Poker strategy that can be started with a capital of $ 50 which is fundamentally different. Naturally, the money was not immediately withdrawn and they were subject to certain restrictions. There were many scams that immediately lost these basic initial capital accounts using proxy and VPN services. Some of the accounts is successfully detected by the operator and banned along with the balance with them, while others have managed to navigate tournaments that double fraudulent schemes. However, most of the newcomers continued to work. How was the situation with online poker in the following years?

What killed Online Poker?

  • Free online training, access to the new training video inevitably increased the level of most players. This is because it turned into an open fish, where the money is invested just for fun, with a chance to lose your money in a few hours. Naturally, the number of players dropped rapidly.
  • At the same time, recruits kept coming even the next day. They had no choice. Those who made poker the main source of income could not afford to lose. This was an excellent incentive to continue their education and improve their skills.
  • As a result, the overall level of the game has risen so much that poker rooms have had to impose additional restrictions to protect beginners. The main reason for this policy was that professional players did not generate a lot of profit. As soon as he won, they initially left the system. And they avoided playing with players of the same level.

Is Online Poker Dead?

Today, we have a tool called “online poker” almost throttled to attract newcomers and the big Bucs machine:

  • Poker rooms that exclude regular players and want to serve only known weak players.
  • Facts that poker operators steal money from the accounts of the winning players.
  • Thousands of bots operating in separate poker networks with the consent of the poker rooms.
  • Paying commissions to partners who want to attract new players.

We think 2015 will be the latest in online poker history in its modern form. Online poker is dead. Loyal players make videos in online poker helping people pour rose-colored glasses and leave the game.

Online Casino Instead of Online Poker

Today it is such that the casino game is generally profitable to play poker online for systematic money. The area has evolved more and more, and the variance of slot machines Netent has reached such a breadth that players can win thousands of bets per total spin. With negative expectations increasing in poker, it was possible to get a positive expectation from video slot games after an increase in commission at Casino Netent.

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