The Cyclicity of Wining in the NetEnt Video Slots

The Cyclicity of Wining in the NetEnt Video Slots

In today’s article, we will talk about The Cyclicity of Wining in the NetEnt Video Slots. Let’s discuss the win loops on NetEnt video slots with you. Probably all experienced players have seen this situation more than once; A big win is inevitably the spin that results in multiple losses as a result of that win. Many players think that negative spins will necessarily result in a few big wins corresponding to the slot machine’s declared winning percentages.

Many regular players have probably realized more than once that sooner or later there is a situation where all video slots start to give winnings. There are a number of winnings and bonus chains everywhere.

Netent slots have different cycle lengths. Video slots on NetEnt have different lengths of the cycle and allow you to win more cash prizes but losses can take a very long time. This article will discuss the concept of win cycles in online slots.

How do Netent Slots Work?

Let’s begin our research on the cyclicity and aggregate principles of NetEnt ‘slot machines’ work. The cycle length is directly related to the number of active players playing for real money in a particular online casino (or a casino network) in a separate video slot.

Right now we want to get a little more detailed, explain how the bets are calculated and the payout fund is formed. All software is stored on NetEnt servers. Online casinos only perform the intermediary function that organizes the money transfer and bonus sharing of the players. They cannot arrange for slot machines to win or otherwise interfere with their operation. All settings are managed by Net Entertainment Company, a “fair play policy for all”.

In Net Entertainment’s slot machines, all players play a video slot, but the prize fund is accumulated separately in each casino. For example, Tornado: Farm Escape video slot – bets are placed on players’ accounts at a particular online casino during the cycle.

NetEnt Maximum Payments

The higher the number of coins declared as maximum winnings, the longer the return earnings period of the bets. A slot machine where you can win one million coins (for example, The Wish Master video slot) will have a longer cycle compared to a slot machine with a maximum of 50,000 coins (for example, the Starburst video slot).

With the longer cycle, the amount of winnings in the slot will be much more noticeable. It pays out from the prize pool for every 1000 spins of the Starburst slot, and the Wish Master rewards the slot machine every 10,000 spins. The winning amount in the Wish Master slot will be 10 times higher than in Starburst.

On the other hand, video slots with long cycles, the amount of winnings will be many times greater in lucky cases. Let’s say the Starburst video slot prize fund wins one spin every thousand, and The Wish Master wins the slot machine – every ten-thousandth spin. Then the winnings in the Wish Master video slot will be 10 times higher than in the Starburst slot machine.

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