Single Deck Blackjack Game

Single Deck Blackjack Game

We are really happy to see you here, we hope that you enjoy our articles and we are able to help you with our articles and reviews. Today we will talk about one of the best types of Blackjack Game, which is the Single Deck Blackjack Game. Single Deck Blackjack is seen by many as the most sacred version of the game. Because it offers players the best chance to win against the casino. In fact, the house advantage is only 0.15% when players sit down at Blackjack games with a single deck,  1.5 in 1000. This is very low compared to the normal classic blackjack game, so it does not give an advantage to the house. In this case, you might think Single Deck Blackjack is the best blackjack variant that can be played. However, there are some disadvantages that we will discuss below, along with the advantages of Blackjack originally played with a deck.

Advantages of Single Deck Blackjack

The most obvious advantage of playing the single deck version of blackjack is that it has the absolute lowest house profit margin as we mentioned earlier. Having a 0.15% probability difference puts you in an almost equal playing field with the casino, and with very little luck you can immediately go to the plus. Of course, to take advantage of this low casino advantage, a good basic knowledge of blackjack gaming is required first. Make sure you understand the blackjack tactics well; otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many supports you have. One big advantage of single-deck Blackjack has to do with counting cards. Usually, those who try to count cards nowadays have to compete in games of six and eight decks. This means they have to wait longer to reach the appropriate number. However, when playing with a single deck, the player counting cards hardly have to wait for a suitable number. There may be a chance to bet much earlier after a few rounds.

Disadvantages of Single Deck Blackjack

Based on the advantages outlined above, you don’t think there would be too many downsides to a single deck game. The problem, however, is that casinos often advertise their single deck games but offer unfavorable rules to increase the house edge. And the bad thing about it is that the advantage of the house is sometimes higher than the 6 or 8 deck version, sometimes with these little twists.

In the worst-case scenario, casinos normally pay 3 to 2 for Blackjack, but they can turn it into 5 for 6. Even this single rule will bring the advantage of the safe from 0.15% to 1.45%. If this advantage is played properly, it is 0.5% in 6 or 8 decks, ie around 5 in 1000. If there is such a rule, there is no advantage to playing with a single deck, even at your loss.

Another disadvantage of playing the blackjack game with a single deck is that the house profit is low in this version of the game, which affects the service quality. Free food and drink, meal coupons, and similar casino bonuses do not come to these tables. And some bonuses in some online casinos have really hard wagering requirements. 

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