American & European & French Roulette

Roulette Table is one of the indispensable elements of the roulette game. Together with another element, the roulette wheel, they form the roulette game. Without one of these two items, it is not possible to play roulette game. Roulette game is a casino game that attracts people’s attention both in terms of gameplay and the money it earns. Until recently, the roulette game, which we can only see in casinos and computer games, can now be played live on online casino websites as the internet service improves and connection speeds increase. In this way, the excitement of the casino environment reaches people’s homes.

Roulette is entirely based on chance, but it is a game where the chance rate in the game can be slightly increased by various tactics. Shortly after its invention in France in the 17th century, the roulette spread to Europe soon began to be played on the American continent. Some innovations have been added during Roulette’s journey between these countries and some countries have started to play this game with various differences, although not very big. These differences also caused minor changes on both the roulette table and the roulette wheel. However, when anyone who knows roulette encounters these differences, they can easily adapt to this different game without strangers.

Roulette Tables

American Roulette Table – European Roulette Table – French Roulette Table

Today, the roulette table is divided into three as American roulette table, European roulette table and French roulette table. There are no big differences between these tables. In the American roulette table, the extra number -00- was added to the table. This results in a different result by changing the win rates in the roulette game. American roulette table is not preferred by people who play roulette on online casino websites. The reason for this is that a 5% deduction is made as a safe deposit in entering the game. This deduction is more than the introduction to other roulette types.

As with almost every game and sport, Americans searched for ways to make changes after learning roulette. However, since the rules of roulette are extremely closed and written simply, they have not been able to expand these rules too much. For this reason, they only put the extra -00- (double zero) number in the game. Therefore, the number order is listed as 0 – 00 – 0 -1 – 2.

The European roulette table is the most used roulette table known to everyone today. There are 37 numbers in the staff and players are asked to bet on these numbers. In addition, the amount of cash deposit cut at the roulette sites at the European roulette table is 2%. This causes the European roulette table to attract much more attention. Do not forget that you can find more information on our Roulette game page.

What Are The Rules at Roulette Table?

When it comes to roulette, most people in the world come to mind about the European roulette known as the standard and the rules of this roulette. European roulette has even surpassed French roulette, which is considered to be the original game. The biggest factor in this is that since French roulette contains French terms, the event is not easily understood by everyone. However, roulette, which was prohibited to be played in France shortly after its invention, did not come out of France in French for other people to understand. That’s why the French roulette has been overshadowed by the European roulette.

French Roulette Table

The French roulette table is designed to be bilateral. Because of the use of French terms on the table, it was called French roulette by people. Since the betting odds are very variable, the amount won is usually small. French roulette is a type of roulette that the French prefer to play. Therefore, only in France and France based betting sites are played with importance. In other betting sites, not much importance is given to the French roulette tables.

The common point in all these roulette tables is to predict the number or group of numbers that the roulette ball will stand on. In this game, where luck is completely in the foreground, if luck is not on your side, your chances of winning will be almost impossible. Therefore, it would be best not to pay much attention to the information about the roulette games under the name of winning methods on the internet. It is not possible for people to contribute directly to the roulette game. Only the guess is made and the roulette wheel begins to be traced. Just like you bet on a football game and start waiting for the outcome of the match or the first half, you start waiting for the number of the ball in the roulette.

Where To Play Roulette?

Today, roulette is played not only in casinos, but also on the internet on online casino websites. Moreover, these games are played with the participation of live people and directed by the live dealer. Live roulette has always been very attractive for those who want to enjoy playing roulette in the warmth of their home. Of course, it takes some money and some time to play this game. From the moment the roulette table starts to pull you off, all you have to do is select a table and sit there and start the game. However, it is also very important to calculate how much money you are likely to lose before and plan accordingly. While sitting at the roulette table, you have to sit in a planned way and if you have reached the determined maximum loss rate, you have to get off the table. If you are sitting on the table unplanned and you have not put yourself on the table, you will continue to lose.

Roulette table, although more than one, the rules of the games played are almost identical. Therefore, if you want to experience a difference, you can log in to a different roulette table on the betting site and try the game.

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