Best Roulette Strategies – Simplified!

Roulette Strategies Simplified

It has been said for years that the roulette is a game of chance, and many roulette strategies have been developed on the roulette game. The main purpose of these strategies is to make the player win by making the casino lose. And that’s why today we will explain everything that you need to know about roulette strategies as simplified as possible.

None of the roulette strategies that have been prepared so far have definitely proven to be successful roulette strategies. So whether you bet on your birthday or bet on the number of your anniversary, the odds of you winning are the same. If you are lucky that day, you will leave the table profitably. However, if you continue to play the same game for a long time, this may change again. If you are unlucky that day, you can leave all your deposits at the same table.

Some roulette players agree that they rarely have certain strategies. In this regard, they have developed different types of roulette bets. Among them, as an example of a bored live dealer constantly throwing the ball to approximately the same numbers at the same speed and angle. Although very rare, some players can predict which number will come after the roulette ball comes out of the dealer. In such cases, the roulette player either places his bets on the roulette table where he thinks, or he can ask a friend to bet on the numbers he thinks.

Secondly, estimates can be made about the numbers that may occur as a result of wear on the roulette wheel. As the reasons for this may be the abrasions between the walls showing the numbers. It may be possible to come to the expected numbers in some cases.

Such situations are unlikely to occur in online casinos due to the regular checking of roulette wheels. In addition, many online casinos nowadays use electronic indicators, and players can easily see the numbers up to the last 12-18 digits on these screens.

As a result of such statistics, it can be easily found whether there is any cheating on the roulette wheel. Since these situations will have serious financial consequences as a result of not being detected by online casinos, the smooth operation of the roulette game is the sole and main responsibility of online casinos.

Roulette System Bets

In general, the roulette game is a game that progresses slower than other games, so roulette players create their own betting strategies. Of course, these strategies are not successful for a long time. It is a proven result that no bet type can change the House edge of the Roulette game. There are several betting systems that have long been seen as a financial problem for players.

Below we would like to introduce the most important roulette betting systems;

The Martingale System

This system is the most popular roulette betting system preferred by roulette players. It aims to replace the lost bet and make a profit on it. The player chooses one of the double bets in the martingale system (Red-Black, even-odd, 1 to 18-19 to 36). Plays the same option on the roulette table. After each lost hand, the player must place a bet twice the amount from the previous bet on the same option as lost.

The aim is to withdraw the first bet placed on the table as a result of placing the bet. Mathematically, the probability of making money by playing roulette with the Martingale system is 100% on a table with an unlimited number of crates and no betting limit. However, finding a roulette table without limits is quite difficult.

Example: If a 5 EUR bet is placed on the color black and loses, the bet is doubled and repeated. If the 2nd bet loses, his bet is removed by 20 EUR, and if his bet wins 20 EUR, the player will regain all the money he placed on the table and win 5 EUR. Best Roulette Strategies Simplified!

This method, which works correctly in theory, is a method that players must continue until they win. The bad side is that the players increase the amount of their bet very quickly, with their 4th bets being 40 EUR, their 5th bets being 80 EUR, their 6’s bets being 160 EUR, 320 EUR. Where the table limit is 500 EUR, the player cannot recover his previous losses of 635 EUR as he cannot bet on the table after losing 7 hands.

Grand Martingale System:

This is an even worse betting system. The reason is that money can be easily lost much faster than the previous betting strategy. The system here is to double the bet made after each loss and add one more unit on top of it. So when 5 EUR is lost, the second bet of 15 EUR should be made in the form of 10 EUR + 5 EUR. When this bet continues at 35 EUR, 75%, and 155 EUR, players can reach the 500 EUR table limit in 6 losses.

Labouchere System:

It is a safer betting method compared to other betting systems. The player bets on a specific set of numbers. If the player wins, the player will change the numbers he has made and bets on new numbers. Example: Player bets 5 EUR to bet on 2-3 series. If the player wins, the player gains 5 EUR. If the player loses, the bet will be 2-3-4 and the stake is 7 EUR.

Less common roulette betting system than the Martingale system. The Labouchere system is based on the player’s use of a series of numbers to determine the bet amount after a win or loss. The player adds up the first and last numbers of the series to determine the next bet size. If the player wins, the player crosses the numbers and continues betting with a smaller series. If he loses, he continues his bet, adding the previous numbers before and after the sequence. It has a flexible progression system.

D’Alembert System:

This roulette betting system is a pyramid betting system. It is made based on whether the winning number is red or black. It is very simple to use, it has the principle of increasing or decreasing the bet according to the win-lose situation. Once the bet is won, it is considered that a higher bet will be made. Best Roulette Strategies Simplified on

Dopey Experiment:

In this theory, bets are less well-known since they have a 60% probability on a single ‘0 wheel. The system is to bet a specified number 35 times in a row. If he wagers within 35 consecutive spins, the player gets back the first deposit.

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