RNG and pRNG in Online Casinos

RNG and pRNG in Online Casinos

“The Random Number generator is too important to be left to chance”… This is a quote from Robert Cove to consider. Speaking of that, our lives are based on this fact, and many online and land-based casinos owe their existence to it. Any modern casino is completely dependent on real RNG. If RNG is wrong, everything goes bad. Also, any game can be hacked and fraudsters can make huge wins. The most interesting thing is that not all online casinos have a real RNG, but pRNG (pseudipondum number generation).

pRNG and RNG Comparison

I was pretty shocked when I found out. Would such well-known companies use a fake generation? Is it safe? Doesn’t this conflict with the random Roulette spin or random card deal the casino has to use? Yes and no. pRNG; A very powerful piece of software is constantly generating random numbers. But there is one thing you should be aware of; does not work as it should. Instead of generating a random number, it generates one number based on an algorithm.

What is the Real RNG?

There is pRNG and real RNG, the last one is the opposite of the first. This is not about a program, but about a hardware (electronic device) that can be physically connected to a computer. These are manufactured by specialist companies and are considered to be extremely complex.

Such devices work as follows. A physical phenomenon, for example, is thought of as thermal noise and then, using a comparator (or any other device), it is translated into a series of ones and zeros (bits). This series is absolutely random, not just an approach.

The cons of these “machines” are extremely slow. They are even slower than PRNG. Well, the last online casino is a great choice, so it is mostly used. Remember, all pRNGs are extremely different. They can be based on a variety of algorithms. There are high quality and low quality algorithms. If it’s better, it’s more reliable.

Can pRNG be Hacked?

Any so-called number generator can theoretically be hacked: all you have to do is understand the way it works and predict the next results with a certain probability. It is harder than it seems in practice. It is almost impossible due to the “permutation” technique.

Basic numbers from the pRNG operating algorithm have been previously defined theoretically and cannot be changed. but from time to time these numbers are replaced with random ones to provide better security against third-party hackers. At that moment, the algorithm stops working and turns 90 degrees. After that, the results are impossible to track. There is no tool that can find the point where a number is exchanged for another. There is not enough time and computational power to do this.

There were definitely bets on hacking casino games. For example, you can read the story of Ron Harris, an expert at slot machines. His job was to find machine vulnerabilities. Of course the clever Ron used his position and won several jackpots on Vegas slot machines.

Eventually, Harris was sent to prison and banned from playing in all of America’s casinos (and possibly the whole world). Harris didn’t hack pRNG, he took advantage of his mistakes. Modern number generator alternatives are better and safer.

Are there any ways to adjust earnings?

In theory, you know that pRNG results are generated by knowing the algorithm. So, you know the winning sector in Roulette or the winning combination in the slot machine. This is just a theory. It is more difficult than it seems.

Quite often, each new number is generated as follows. A basic number is taken (or more), a mathematical calculation is made, and the result is a completely different number.

The number generated is the new base number. And so, cyclically. I really mean “number”, not 47 or 90, but a lot more.

The result is a long chain of random values that is often quite random. This indicates that pRNG is indeed random within the specified limits (for a given online slot the limit may be the total number of symbol combinations on five reels and we are talking about millions of combinations here). pRNG works according to a fixed algorithm that is always implemented.

How would old machines work?

How did the old slot machines work if the spectacular conditions of a real RNG were not that easy to create? In reality, getting a series of random results is not that difficult. Casino Roulette is excluded for a reason. The dealer throws the ball and responds to physical laws, and yet you don’t know the exact result. On the other hand, this result is not 100% random (as quantum events are).

However, this is quite sufficient. The first slot machines worked in the same way. Being mechanical often gave random results. You can cheat using the bugs, but here it is with slots, fixes and improvements. There was a long process of creating an electronic device that would work mechanically; A special focus was required when transforming the random system. It’s time for useful RNGs.

How do modern pRNGs work?

By pressing the spin button, the result is already ready. RNG was activated and a series of numbers indicating a specific position of the reels was selected. However, the slot behaves extremely differently. Until the last moment he thinks the opposite – the reel effect.

You may be somewhat disappointed with this fact, the slot machine may have lost a bit of its magic, but still the result is always random. By the way, the result of the free spins is also pre-determined. You have now pressed the Spin button. Again, nothing strange. You know the slot result, but you don’t. This is capture. Speaking of that, stay away from these types of thoughts and play in a wonderful game world.

Who is responsible for RNG?

RNGs are regularly verified. Although the game has been fully verified in the testing phase. The audit is done by independent companies. must be approved by the same jurisdiction in which the online casino is operating.

The most reliable firms on this list are Technical Systems Testing (TST), eCOGRA and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). Often times, the verification is confirmed through a suitable certificate where you can find the RTP values of all games (card games, table games, slots, etc.) and confirm the RNG operation of each game. Like BlackJack, Roulette and so on.

The certificate can be accessed using the provided link on the casino homepage. There is a reason. Note that the certificate can be accessed via a link and cannot be placed on the casino site (otherwise it can be issued extremely easily). By clicking the link, the user is directed to the site of the company that made the verifications. How is RNG verified? A series of tests are conducted to verify random results. Moreover, you should note that large audit firms truly value their reputation and will not risk one of their certifications.

You should be aware that the certificate does not guarantee a fair transaction. It is still a proof, but not a guarantee. The way RNG is verified is not perfect.

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