How to Win Poker in Online Casinos?

How to Win Poker in Online Casinos?

Online casino poker is very different from online poker (like PokerStars). The first one plays against the casino, the second one plays against other players. In the first case, the mathematical expectation of the casino is always positive, but the player can use the progressive betting strategy to increase the flexibility of the winnings and stop the game when he reaches his desired goal. Somehow poker in casinos has simple rules and the player can win even if at first with negative anticipation. On this page, you will be able to play casino poker online.

The software developer offers three versions of online casino poker. The RTP (return to player rate) of each is given below:

  • Texas Hold’em Poker – 97.96%
  • Caribbean Stud – 94.97%
  • Oasis Poker – 98.96%

The strategy of winning in online poker

This strategy comes from one of our players. For years, he “survives” with this strategy, playing poker online every day and stopping after winning € 100 – € 200. We have compiled his story as follows:

“I’ve played different card games in the online casino for a long time, and I would be successful most of the time. My strategy was: to be a cool guy while losing and to allocate a limited amount to lose (stop the loss). When you reach your goal, quit the game and stop playing until the next day.

The most important thing is to choose the custard you can beat. For example, You are playing with the dealer and you see, (if there are 5 players on the table) the dealer wins from 4 players and loses to 1. The winning player plays the smallest bets. You should avoid playing with such a dealer. In the online casino, you can connect yourself to the table online and see the results of the next hand (without betting). If you choose a lucky dealer, you can put yourself on a losing streak. If you have good cards, unqualified dealers, or bad cards, the dealer always has a combination to win.

Now let’s talk about Texas Hold’em online casino poker, for example. First of all, I would never place a Bonus bet. When I start with some chips, I continue with the same amount of chips until the end. How many hands I lost does not change my mind, but if the probability of winning is 30%, it means I will win at some point. The most important detail here is to stop when you win your money and not to increase your bets or add money when you lose. In short, my winning strategy is to stop when I reach the goal. “

Examples of probability in Teas Hold’em (7 cards were used in total)

  • With Royal Flush, the player wins – 0.0026%;
  • With straight flush, the player wins – 0.0216%;
  • With the flush, the player wins – 1,8%;
  • With the combination of street and below, the player wins – 23%;
  • Draw (some commitments) – 2.4%.

You should see 82% of the cases and draw in situations where you will obviously lose (two suitable low cards in a “tens and flush” with no chance of being straight or straight in the flush). The dealer must catch at least four pairs to qualify.

Caribbean Stud

In the Caribbean Stud poker game, the player gets five face cards; The dealer receives the same number of cards but only shows one. To call, the player puts 2 additional entry coins (start bet). If it is drawn, the player loses the money. The dealer must collect at least A-K (Ace-King) to get the game. In case the dealer is not competent, the player wins despite the bad combination. If the cards are qualified and the player wins, he gets the entry money and bet (according to the paytable).


The advantage of the casino in the Caribbean Study is close to 5%. To get closer to the most appropriate strategy, we recommend that you take the following actions:

  • If there is a dealer showing Ace or King, always see the game if you have pairs or higher combinations.
  • No matter what card the dealer has, always see the game with a pair of seventeen and above combinations.

Oasis Poker

Sort of like Caribbean Stud, Oasis Poker has the same rules. The only difference is that the player has the chance to change cards for the entry bet (the rules may differ in different casinos):

  • One card – one entrance fee.
  • Two cards – two entrance fees.
  • Five cards – one entrance fee (valid in some casinos).
  • To exchange a card, you need a good hand.
  • Four cards to Straight Flush and Royal Flush;
  • Four cards for a flush with no pair.
  • Four cards are straight with no pair (two ways: example:
  • Don’t split a pair of sevens and more.

Earnings expectation and information on cards

In live games, players generally take a blind look at the exchange of information about their cards between players. It looks strange at first glance: Peter Griffin and John Gwynn Jr. They made interesting calculations:

With the maximum level of cheating (7 players know all players’ cards and a dealer’s card) the player’s casino advantage is 2.3%.

However, when a player is removed from the system (twenty-one unknown cards), the advantage goes to the side of the casino (0.4%).

However, if you have a chance to exchange information with the players next to you while playing poker at a casino, then do it. Information on available cards on hand greatly increases your chances of winning (especially in trading card decisions and if a dealer has the pair of the shown card).

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