One of the reasons behind the fact that why casino games are loved and preferred is that games generally are based on chance more than knowledge. One of the most preferred casino games is blackjack. It is named after the main logic of the game, which is also named 21, because it is associated with the number 21. The reason behind how to play blackjack frequently is that the game has a different logic than other card games. The logic of the game, which stands out as twenty among the playing games, is actually based on the sum of the numbers at hand being more or less than 21. The question of how to play Blackjack can be completed by learning which cards represent which numbers.

General Rules of the Game

The color of playing cards in Blackjack does not make any difference. While calculating the value of the hand, the numbers written on the cards are taken as the basis. In calculating whether the total of the hand is 21 or not, what the other cards represent is important. While the total of the cards is expected to be less than 21 in general, the excess in some cases does not prevent the game from winning.

Numerical Values of Cards

The basis of how to play blackjack goes through the numerical values of the cards. Among the cards used in the game from 2 to 10 all cards refer to the number written on the card. For example if your card is 5 it’s value will be 5, however, if you have A (1) than the value of the card will not be 1. And the colors don’t have any chances in changing the values, as it is known in poker. The values of J, Q, and K are 10. A’s (1) is the most important card in the game. It can be used to make blackjack (21 points) or also can be used as 1 point.

WarOfBets Blackjack cards

Playing the Game

Those who are wondering how to play blackjack, you must know how the game started after learning the numerical values.  In order to know how the game is played, wagering is expected first. After the bets are closed, the dealer requests any player to cut the deck of cards. The dealer starts scattering the cards, starting with the player to his left. The dealer’s card must be face down and the players’ card must be face up. After each player is given 2 cards, the game is considered to have started in this way.

Chance to Win the Game

The luck factor is very important in the game. There are many factors that affect the chance of winning in blackjack. When tactics and other factors are combined, your chances of winning will be quite high.

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