How to Make Money in an Online Casino?

How to Make Money in an Online Casino?

Today we will talk about the winnings in the casino. I have always been interested in making money online. One of the people I know is good at Forex trading and his actions are so profitable that he doesn’t have to worry about the money left in his pocket.

My Story about Making Money Online

Some of my friends are good at poker and casino. I must say that I have always embraced such a work; So much free time, money to spend and a free life. I have $ 500 a month, but I can say that this amount is not enough for an economically independent life. Then begins my journey on the World Wide Web here.


At first I wanted to be a trader. It was long before he started making money at the casino. I went to the courses and school was where I spent time after work. They said that after the course was completed, I could make thousands of dollars by clicking the graphs of the exchange rates. All in all, I have two notebooks filled with many tables and graphs and systems. Now I know how any economy works, I can even become an Trump’s consultant. I am ready; I learned correction courses, indicators and resource costs. Of course, I was told the training was conditionally free and they said they could add $ 300 (tuition fee) if I deposit a $ 2000 deposit in my Forex account to start trading.

Obviously this was a trap. Sure, I spent my time learning strategies and now I have to make a deposit of $ 2000 and it will be a miracle! I took a loan, deposited with my credit card and here it will look brilliant. From then on, all my dreams must come true! I was trading very carefully, following all the rules. However, with each passing month my balance decreased. So why? After all, my demo (free) account had been extremely profitable, I made 25000 (and I started with only 2000 $).

A few months later I have $ 800 left in my account. That was exactly the moment when I changed my attitude towards trading multiple currency pairs. I met my friend. Do you remember my successful and unique friend who went around with money bags? shared my ” profitable” stories with him and asked for a back-up lesson to find out what went wrong.

After another course was completed, I was told I was a professional and I could start earning huge amounts. By the way, I was paying two hundred dollars a month for my loan. When I talked to my friend, I realized he was different. He was very impatient, asked the waiter a price and asked me to pay for him. While drinking the drinks, the story was much clearer and filled with much detail. Here’s the summary of the story from the first person:

Gambling and Currency Markets Stories

“I started making money a year ago. Initially I came across an option: Casino, Poker or Forex. I started with Forex and I cannot imagine seeing myself as a patient in a casino. Over 5 days I managed to raise my $ 1000, and then what I got was suddenly gone, I took a loan and tried again, as a result, I went from $ 5000 to 19000 and then another loss.

The internet is full of Forex strategies, videos, charts and charts. I can no longer stop as I live in stylish style and dream of golden mountains, cars, apartments and yachts that I have in the near future. My current living expenses were so low compared to Forex gains and losses that I didn’t even have time and money for myself.

During the night, what is the point of saving 100 RUB when the exchange rate changes, will I lose or earn thousands? When I ran out of money, I realized my game was very aggressive and I am responsible for it, not the system. After all, I managed to go from 5000 to 19000 within a few weeks!

I believe it is possible to earn money by working mentally at home, not physically. Many people told me they know real people (brother, mutual, friend) who make money by investing in pyramids or playing poker at online casinos.

So, these optimistic thoughts made me lose an apartment worth $ 35,000. This money was enough for a few months of play, any gain or loss made me angry, depressed or surprised. I couldn’t and couldn’t sleep yet, and my whole thought was just one thing: how we can get the money back as soon as possible – today! I lost my psychological balance, and it was exactly an obsession.

The end of the story is boring. Eager to make money, all the banks he owed, friends, lenders … I woke up in the morning with a terrible headache and one firm believed everyone had a way to make money. With no circles and a lot of debt, I needed an easier way, as even my organs didn’t cover it. At least paired organs in the human body.

Then I came across articles titled “how to win at the casino” and video courses with a bunch of comments: “Thanks, uncle, for ranking it!” Or “Now I’m making $ 100 an hour, I can buy a car for my dad!” I’m sure many of you have watched the video about beating roulette and increasing your winnings in the online casino. Unfortunately, at that time I skipped in vain.

1001 Ways to Make Money Online

After reviewing many pages about earning online, I came across a page with a download link for a book (1001 ways to make money online) where I had to send an SMS (to prove you are a real person). I sent a stupid message and $ 10 was dropped from my phone balance. At first, they asked me to confirm by SMS that I was 18+ years old, and they repeated it. Supposedly because of a systemic error.

Then I got a few messages from my mobile operator: $ 10 dropped, $ 5 … So, this is definitely a way to make money. However, it should be called differently: “How to find a 1001 sucker to make money online”. These must be steps of a single path described as 1001.

And now comes the good part. That being said, elbow oil gives the best polish! I will provide links to those sites that are interested and I strongly recommend this to those who have the desire, patience and strength to repeat the steps leading to financial independence.

How to Make Money in the Casino?

Believing that the biggest money revolves around online casino houses, I kept looking for new ways. I was still playing poker, but this time I was saving half the money I won and playing the other half. “Money should work” – One of the biggest would say, and I decided to follow this advice.

This time I spent more time analyzing the information of online monetization study schemes. I was noticed by the casino. I started exploring this in more detail by browsing through numerous websites, analyzing new strategies and watching videos.

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