How to Choose a Slot Game to Win

How to Choose a Slot Game to Win at the Casino

We will teach you how to choose a generous video slot based on its behavior in the online casino. You will understand which Video Slot will earn more with less risk. This strategy is not useful for you if you believe in the prize pool issue in slots and casinos, that is, money is only virtual and cannot actually be won.

We will give examples with NetEnt Slots

The behavior of the slot in demo mode:

The essence of the strategy is to choose a profitable slot machine based on its behavior in free mode. Considering that all video channels on Netent are on the company’s server (and casinos only perform entering and receiving funds), all demo versions of the games are the same for all operators. The types of slots are below:

Positive (warm). Slot machines with a positive balance in the prize pool (slot machine that collects more money than it gives). These slot machines are the slots with the highest potential to make a big win at any moment.

Slot machines that have a negative balance in the negative (cold) prize pool (slot machines that have distributed more money than they collect). You should avoid playing slot machines of this type.

Natural. A slot machine in natural mode (with a prize pool of zero). Generally, slot machines in this state try to keep the balance in the account and then gradually decrease it.

Ideal online slot machine:

There are many signs that show the status of the slot machine. Using exactly these marks, you can find the winning slot in Netent casino. For example, the slot with a positive expectation will offer more bonuses and free spins for a certain amount of bet. Otherwise, the slow returns and the absence of bonus rounds are a good reason to change the bet amount or change the game. With the increase in the number of free spins, you can get a more accurate picture of the adjustment rates in the selected slot.

In our opinion; There are some connections between the numeric symbols and the state of the slot. These marks can have two scatter symbols on the first column. Also, if you increase or decrease the total bet, the behavior of the slot changes. Each game has its own unique features. Once you start exploring them, you can take advantage of your knowledge to profit.

Ideal video slot

In a normal situation, the player always chooses a slot machine with a “give money” mode. You can try and view all games in Free mode.

Understanding that the slot has a positive balance and is worth playing:

Go to the “Free Casino Games” section, select the slot machines manufacturer you want, and then select the game of interest in the right column. We think the return percentage of the total bet is worth considering when choosing a game. Shown in parentheses. The higher the payout percentage, the more profitable the video slot. On the overview page, you can find the slot’s hidden parameters (duration of the cycle, probability of winning, bonus activation possible) and the feedback of the test.

We start the game in demo mode with the amount of bets (and number of paylines) you plan to start playing for real money. You can learn about the distribution of wins in Netent slots and the length of the loops in Net Entertainment games.

When changing the amount of bets we try to understand the state of the selected game. If there are frequent and good wins, the video slot is in the desired mode and worth playing.

If we lose, we will change the value of the bet until we find the best bet. If that doesn’t work, we’ll choose another slot machine. I suggest you to read the article “Amount and amount change in Payline coins”.

It is important to understand that occasional winnings on big bets can be simple exceptions. These situations should be perceived as “very lucky”. Or you lost a lot of money to get a big profit (losing 50-70% of the money for fun). Determining a winning slot machine in a casino is one of the most important skills of the player.

If we find a winning video slot, we will start playing the game for real money. It is very important to use the payline amount and bet amount in the trial game.

I recommend choosing minimum bets when playing in free play mode and for real money. So you will save a lot of money and learn this strategy, and then you can gradually increase the amount of bet.

I suggest you choose 5-10 favorite slot machines with a good winning percentage and test them fully. If all these games do not show the desired result in free mode, it would be better to postpone the actual game session to another time or try another manufacturer (Microgaming or NYX).

One of the main factors affecting the amount of maximum winnings is the amount of money in the account and its relationship to the current bet. Of course, you can also win with a small amount of bets on the account, but we recommend placing at least 200 bets on the balance (depending on the length of the video slot’s cycle). If businesses do not charge the player for money entry and exit, they do not cost the player any money.

We recommend combining Netent free slots and slot testing strategy with the advantages of bonus programs.

Over time, you will learn to recognize lucrative games in indirect ways. All you need is some time and experience.

Indirect signs

There are a number of signs that shape the state of the slot machine. For these reasons, we must determine the winning video slot. For example, a profitable slot machine that gives bonuses and free spins for a certain bet amount continues this situation more.

In our opinion, there is a definite relationship between the numeric series, the symbols shown and the slot machine state. These marks can be two scatter icons in the first column or a change in behavior of the video slot as the total bet bet increases or decreases. Each game has its own unique features. Once you start noticing them, you start to profit from what you have learned.

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