Video Poker

Video Poker

Detailed review, demo, pros and cons

Video poker is often lumped in the same category as slots, but the two are quite different in many different ways.


First introduced around the same time as the first personal computers, original video slot games were crude compared to what you will find in casinos today. At its core, video poker is a nice mix between traditional slots and a traditional poker game. Of course, one of the major exceptions is that video poker is played with just one person as opposed to the community of players you find with games like Omaha and Hold’em.

Though the name video poker may lead one to believe that this is a game of skill, it really isn’t. Much like a slot game, the outcome of video poker is entirely random and unpredictable. No matter how many different betting schemes or logical philosophies you attempt to pursue, there is nothing you can do to directly influence the outcome of a video poker hand.


There is not a lot that goes into video poker, as the game is quick, straightforward, and very easy to understand. Once a player selects their desired wager amount, they will then be dealt 5 cards picked at random. Of the 5 cards that are dealt, the player selects two that he or she wishes to keep and the other three cards will be discarded.

In the place of the three discarded cards, the game will assign three more cards to complete a player’s 5-card hand. Depending on what is showing on the screen once a 5-card hand has been drawn, the player will be paid out or will lose their wager.


Jacks or Better is by far the most popular video poker game you will find, and is also the game we will be referencing in this section. As was stated above, the basic goal of the game is to be awarded the best possible 5-card poker hand.

There are other variations of video poker that you will come across, but Jacks or Better is by far the most popular version.


Because video poker is at a level of randomization similar to slot games, strategies are good to talk about but will more than likely not result in you becoming a video poker millionaire. When it discuss strategies, they are more aligned with you doing more damage control than anything else.

The biggest piece of advice that one can be offered is that you should set a budget before you ever sit down to play video poker. Because of how fast-paced this game can be played, people can lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars without too much effort at all. By setting a strict limit of how much money you are willing to part with, you will do well to avoid falling into the money pit.

Another massive piece of advice great not only for video poker, but most other casino games as well, is to avoid drinking alcohol when you play video poker. The fast-paced nature of the game coupled with its simplicity can lead an inebriated person to thinking that they can win money back, and then some, if only they keep playing. While it is definitely possible to get lucky and earn back your losses, you much more often see people lose their shirt before this ever happens. If you scour the web, you are sure to find strategy after strategy that people have come up with to win at video poker. These are all great, but at the end of the day, even the most well thought out strategies improve your chances of winning a single video poker hand by marginal, negligible amounts.


In recent years, there have been many advances pursued by the online casino industry, and one of those advances is the shift away from traditional, fiat currencies. Instead of the US Dollars and Euros that many people have grown accustomed to playing and wagering with, a new form of cryptocurrency, a currency that only exists online, has been utilized by new bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin is becoming the preferred currency for a number of reasons, but mostly due to the safety and security offered by their transactions.

No longer do players need to go through major financial institutions and the red tape of governments in order to make wagers. Along with the introduction of bitcoin came bitcoin casinos. Now, there are many of these sites online offering your favourite casino games for real money. mBit is just one bitcoin casino, but it serves as a model for what all bitcoin casinos should aspire to be. With an expansive offering of games, great graphics, and features not even offered by online casinos that have existed for more than a decade, mBit is way ahead of the game.

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