Gambling is a Way of Life

Gambling is a Way of Life

One of our old acquaintances, whom I did not know once, said: 

“The whole world is a stage and all men and women are just actresses!” What William Shakespeare really implies is that our lives are a play, regardless of our age and scope. Play is everywhere: in childhood, friendship, love and war, even work is a game. People are too busy playing the daily routine, they don’t have time to “live”. We will discuss this later, now let’s recall the famous quote from an actor and author – Alexander Pushkin.

Life is a Game!

It’s all about gambling. Pushkin knew of his gambling problem, but after his death there remained not only a great piece of literature, but also gambling debts, which amounted to ten times more than his assets. Probably, if it weren’t for a gambling problem that caused his debts and bad mood, if all this hadn’t caused him to lose interest in his life, he would have continued his magnificent work. The quality of his life was extremely poor, he had participated in more than 20 duels. But enough is enough, on a good poker night, downhill, Pushkin tasted the bitter side of luck. He died painfully after a duel.

Casino Games

Every living being knows what a game is. Humans, animals, birds or fish are born helpless and inexperienced. All of this happens over time, remember that you can master it once you know it. Educational games are games that speed things up with the help of learning how to hunt, love, and fight. Role playing is the leading activity of the preschool child. S. Rubinstein.

Games are the perfect solution for just about anything, starting with education and ending with medical. For example ; If the child refuses to obey, you can present it in a fun way. Again, it is a very good option for well-educated parents, on the other hand, there are families who will continue to do this through violence, or they will pay no attention to their child’s education and will release them into the streets.

Growing up, one does not lose interest in games. However, when childhood is full of games, an adult spends less time playing. 80% of an adult’s time is for sleep and work, the rest is for entertainment. However, you may also want to start a family, learn new skills, and do other useful things.

Now why many people work, children, etc. I don’t wonder you are not interested in. Time is limited and you can’t manage to do everything. This includes personal life, culture, education, etc. as it is the basis of all unhappiness in different areas. Therefore, what they mean is; You are happy that you do the things you enjoy happily and get paid for it, if you can spare time for your personal needs.

Online Games

For the most part, I want to talk about these types of online epidemics: WoT, Dota and other RPGs and even the casino is one of them. The whole business industry is built on primitive human needs. I see it’s great to be a pilot of a tank or plane, but what happens next? Even educational games like checkers, chess, quick disassembly or dildo assembly, but what can a PC game teach or give?

Gambling Problem

Let’s put aside greed. To a greater extent, it is a fact that you have a gambling problem or are more responsible for your laziness, reluctance to change your life and learn new skills. Still, people continue to gamble the game because most of the time they have fun this way, it’s extremely simple. Your life turns into a search known under different names; How to sleep until you get a salary, what to eat, how to get a refund, how to get your money back. I would like to point out that there are people who torture them. I think they are masochists; others get bored and start over and over.

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