This casino game, which originated in France and was first played as French Roulette, is still being played. It continues to exist as the oldest roulette type. The most important feature of this game is that the number 0 is colored in green. There is only one zero in the game. Other roulette games have double 0’s.  One of the most popular games in online casinos the roulette is a game that can be easily played with little knowledge. For success in French Roulette game luck, a little math knowledge and intelligence are needed. Online casino lovers that can play intelligently can lead their game into big winnings. It is among the records that Pascal tried the probability law and invented the roulette wheel.

How is the French Roulette Table Layout?

This very easy table layout is not like the American or European table layout. There are certain French terms on the table. The terms listed as P12, M12 and D12 represent the first 3 dozen. Other than these, there are now some things that will be unknown for the casino lovers. Everything is like other roulette table layouts.


Internal Bet Types in French Roulette

  • Odd number bet:

Only one of the numbers in the wheel is played with a bet. If the ball falls when the spinner is rotated to the number of bettors, the bettor earns 35 times his bet.

  • Split Bet:

Bets are placed on two consecutive numbers. If the ball falls into one of the two numbers bet when the wheel is turned, half the bet is counted and the bettor is paid 17 times more.

  • Street Bet:

Bets are placed on 3 numbers in the same row. If the ball falls to one of these three numbers when the wheel is turned, the bettor is paid 11 times more money.

  • Corner Bet:

It is a type of bet consisting of 4 separate numbers. If a ball falls on one of the 4 numbers, 8 times the bet entered is paid to the bookmaker.

  • Double Street:

It is the situation of making 2 double bets on the axis that separates the inner and outer bets. Since a 6-numbered bet is made, the bettor is paid 5 times more money when the ball hovers over one of these numbers.

  • Trio Bet:

Bets are made for 3 different numbers. One of the numbers is 0, the others are numbers chosen by the bookmaker.

  • Basket Betting:

It is a bet on 4 rows starting from the boundary line.

We have compiled all the information about French Roulette for you. If your time is valuable to you and you don’t have the time to spend on the local casino, you can play French Roulette at many online casino websites. Find the online casino websites that suit you with free bonus and gift options, sign up and start winning. Pleasant games and good luck!

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