What are the Slot Games?

Slot Games are one of the most played online casino games. This is thanks to the awesome fun and exciting designed gaming experience. In addition to this, you can make some serious money from the slot games thanks to the Free Spins and Jackpots. What is good about the slot games is that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge about how to play the slot games, or any other strict rules. To play the slot games everything is easy you only need to press the spin button after that you will wait for the reel to stop in a combination that will be payable and you will make some good money.

The invention of the Slot Machines

Imagine that you are inventing a Slot Machine and after years of years your invention is getting updated. The invention of slot leads us back to the 19th century in the territories of United States of America. Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, NY have developed the first ever Slot Machine. Back at the they that was only a gaming machine containing five drums that were holding a total of 50 card faces. The gameplay was completely based on poker, however this is the precursor to the modern slot.

The History Of Slot Games

The gambling has been around for many years and of course the slot also have been around for years and years. From the first slot games to the todays updated slot games logically everything is the same. Only the games have been developed to be more modern, and new functions like the Jackpot and Free Spins have been added.

Few years after in the early 1890 a man called Charles Fey from San Francisco, California developed a simpler version of the first version. The new developed machine was containing only three spinning reels that have been marked with symbols. Including The Liberty Bell which has lead the machine to get the name from. This is how the modern slot machine was born and has gained popularity very quickly.

There were many variations updates in the first half of the 20th century but until the year of 1963 there was not any serious updates. In this year the first full electromechanical slot machine was invented.

And today with all the advancement of the technology, the slot games are available for us anywhere and anytime we can enjoy playing our favorite slot games from our computers or even mobile phones.

How to Play Online Slot Games

The Online Slot games don’t have differences from the regular slot machines. The only difference is that the online slot games are on virtual games. There are differences between how do you play slot games, from progressive slots, to mega spin slots. There are differences that is good to know in order to win more money from the slots. All this differences will be mentioned in the following of this article.

However the basic principles of slot games are the same. You only need to place the amount that you want to bet, and press the spin button. After that the reels will start spinning and you will need to wait until the symbols match, for winning spin. On some slots in order to have a winning spin the symbols must match on a single line of the reel, on some can be diagonal or even zig zag, all this differences in slots will be mentioned below.

The Basic Slot Rules

  • Placing your bets

The first step when you want to play slot games either online or in the local casinos, you will need to choose your game. After choosing your game that you want to play you will need to place the amount that you want to bet per spin. There will be button where you can see after pressing the button you can change the amount that you want to bet.

Each slot game has its own limit for minimum bet amount and maximum bet amount. Or in many situations this limit can be different in some other casino brand even that the game and the software providers being the same. This is because casino brands have the right to place limit to the minimum and maximum amount that their players can place as a bet.

  • Spin the reels

After you set choose the game set up the amount that you want to place as a bet, than you are ready to spin the reels and wait to catch the matching symbols. After you press the spin button the reels will start spinning and they will stop one by one. After the spin will be ended the system automatically will calculate do you have any winnings or not.

If you don’t want constantly to press the spin button, then you can simply press the auto play button where the software will automatically spin after every spin ends. You can stop whenever you want the auto spinning and you can continue to spin the reels manually. Or if you make some winnings from the automatic spins you can cash out whenever you want.

  • Enjoy the winning spins

According to the slot type there are many variations that are important to have a winning spin. In some of the slot games you need to have matching symbols on the same line, but on the Multiplier slots you can have a winning spin even if you catch or the symbols stop on diagonal or zig zag pattern. Once you will have a winning spin the system automatically will calculate and credit up the winnings to your balance. Also in every slot there are buttons like help and FAQ, where you can read about the rules of that certain slot game.

Good Tips to Know about Online Slots

In addition to everything you know it will be good to know this small facts that can be very helpful when you are enjoying playing your favorite slot games.

  • Game variations

Usually the online slot games have more options available than a regular slot machine. The regular slot machines have 3 reels, where on the online slot games you can find 3 reel slots but 5 reel slots are more popular even today there are slot games up to 9 reels.

In order to have a winning spin the symbols are not necessarily to land on the same row, you can have a winning hand even if the symbols are in the same line in the top row, middle row or bottom row. Also on some slots you can have a winning hand even for a diagonal or zig zag landing of the symbols.

Catching Free Spins is a moment that requires a to have a good luck. When you catch free spins you will spin the reels without placing any bets from your money that will be in your balance. And one another good thing about the Free Spins that there are more chances to win bigger amount with Free Spins than the regular spins. You can find more information about Free Spins in the following of this article.

  • Hitting the Jackpot

Hitting the Jackpot is one of the best things that can happen to any slot player. The jackpot amounts are very high and the payout of that will make you very happy. Every casino has different Jackpots.

This can be Mini Jackpot, Midi Jackpot and Big Jackpot. All the Jackpots have different amounts of winnings and there is a minimum amount that you must place as a bet to be eligible to play for the Jackpot. We will provide more information about the Jackpot on Slot games in the following of this article.

  • Wilds and Scatters

This are two symbols that can have big impact about the result of your spin. Every online casino game software providers and even every game from the same software provider has different rules.  But no matter what type or which slot game you are playing the Wild symbol and the Scatters symbols are the symbols that you need to watch when you play the slots.

  • Wilds

As we mentioned above this is a very important symbol that you must watch when playing your favorite slot game because the wild symbols on slots stand in on the reel as any other symbol for example if in the first reel you have the symbol 7 in the second reel you have the wild symbol and in the third wheel you have the symbol 7 again this is equal to having straight 7 symbols in a row. In short words the wilds change every symbol and help the players have better gaming experience with more excitement and bigger winnings.

  • Scatters

Also the scatters are one another important symbols in the slot games. After the spin lands with scatters you can be very happy and enjoy your spins because scatters are important for generating outcomes like the Free Spins, Coin Prizes, Bonuses and Bonus rounds.

If we have skipped some interesting factor or tip we would be happy to hear it from you. Don’t forget that you can always share your thoughts with our community. Just simply by commenting down below in the comments section.

Video Slots and Online Slots

It was not a big surprise when the slots started to become more connected with the technology. With the advancement of technology slot games started to get more advanced with new updates and new features like the Free Spins and Jackpots.

Back at the 60’s and 70’s everything started gone electric, also the is the time when the slots started to be more popular and have gone developed to the stage we are used to see today. Of course the visuals and sound effects were not even close to like what we have today. We can imagine what the slot games will became in the future with the technology like virtual reality. One day people will look to today’s slot like how we are looking to the slots from the 60’s and 70’s that is a fact.

Mobile Slots

In the last decade usage of mobile phone has exploded, today everyone has a smartphone. We don’t need to explain how the smartphones impact our lives. We can’t imagine a life without them, even 1/3 of the day we are on internet.  So all the Online Casinos seeing that people love to play their favorite casino games from their mobile device, the developers were told to take the regular desktop slot games to mobile versions. This is how the mobile slots were born.

Before the era of smartphones people were playing their favorite slot games from old computers, with bad internet connection the gaming experience was often getting interrupted due the old technology. But by the advancement of technology and usage of mobile devices the 3G internet connection was not enough to support the need of the users. That’s why the internet providers started to serve 4G internet connection. This is when the online casino gaming has exploded and a lot of regular local casino players started to play on online casinos. Thanks to this technology a lot of online casino game providers took the opportunity and today we can enjoy full clear, uninterrupted slot gaming experience.

Variations of Slot Games

The slot games can be separated in many category variations, there is a game theme variation about the slot games.  Here are the top 5 Slot Themes; The first one in the list is the Fruit Themed Slot followed with Movie Themed Slots, Asian Themed Slots, Egyptian Themed Slots and the Horror Themed Slots.

  • The Fruit Themes Slots

The Fruit themed slot are one of the more popular slots in the last years among the online casino players. The players prefer this games because they are easy to play, easy to understand, and they have good RTP percentages, which means they are very profitable, and almost at any of the fruit themed slot games you can win the Jackpot or Free Spins.

  • Movie Themed Slots

The Movie Themed Slots are one of the another very popular slot game themes. People love to know what they are doing, and in the Movie Themed Slots this is very common. There are Slot Games licensed from the movie company and in the slot game you can see all the characters and important objects. For example we all can imagine how a James Bond Slot would be like, there would be 007 badge, Pistol, James Bond Character, Sexy Women Characters and another specific symbols from the James Bond movie.

  • Asian Themed Slot

The Asian Themed Slot have a big number of available games for the players. They have all we can imagine from the name; you can expect to see dragons, gold, special Asian iconic symbols, Asian building and everything that you can imagine. Even some games have fruits and flowers but also they are themes in Asian theme style so you will completely feel like being in the Asian territories or like watching an Asian movie.

  • Egyptian Themed Slots

The Egyptian Themed Slots are also very similar to the Asian Themed Slots, when you play Egyptian Themes Slots you can feel yourself as being in the territories of Egypt. The reels are full with Egyptian symbols that we are used to see in the TV Shows, in addition to this characters like Cleopatra, Pharaoh, Pharaoh’s Tomb, Pyramids and another symbolic buildings are just one part of what we can see in the Egyptian slots.

  • Horror Themed Slots

As we can imagine from the name the Horror Themed Slots are completely like the horror movies, with blood, horror characters, pistols, knives and everything you can imagine of. The mission of the slot game developers is to make people when playing the games to feel like they are watching a movie and completely enjoy the games without getting bored.

In all the 5 slot theme categories you can find hundreds of different games available. Even if you completely don’t love the theme you might find a very sympathetic game that you will enjoy playing. Of course that there are a lot of other Slot Game themes but this are the top 5 ones for our list. If there is another themes that you love and like we would highly appreciate it if you share it with us in the comments section found bellow.

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Types of Online Slot Games

This are only the theme categories for slot games. In addition to this there is a main category that is the types of Online Slots. In this section of our article you can find out every think you need to know about the Types of Online Slots. There are some minor differences from the regular slot machines to the Online Slot Games. Here are the Types Of Online Slots:

  • The Classic 3 Reel Slot Machines

The 3 Reel Classic Slot Games are based on the first and original physical slot machines. There are only 3 reels, you need to match the symbols, this can be along the top, the middle or the bottom line. Matching only one line will lead you to good win.

  • The 5 Reel Slot Machines

Today almost all the new slot games are with 5 Reels, it is hard to find new developed 3 reel classic slot games. This is probably thanks to the opportunities that computers and technology has gave us. Also like in the Classic 4 Reel Slot Machines in the 5 Reel Slot Machines you will need to match the symbols in the top middle of bottom line for winning spin.

  • Progressive Slot Games

The Progressive Slot Games are one of the more popular slot games today, everyone wants to make big wins while playing their favorite casinos slot games. In the progressive slots the chances of winning big amounts are big. In the Progressive Slots the value of Jackpot is increasing in the Jackpot Pool for every spin that is not payed as winning spin.

  • Mobile Slots

As we can understand from the name The Mobile Slot games are specially designed and developed for mobile devices. This games have specially developed and designed visual graphics, sound effects. Designed and developed to enjoy the big screen gaming experience on your smaller screens without losing any quality.

  • Mega Spin Slots

The Mega Spin Slot games are a combination on one screen with more available games. For example you can play more than one game on one device and on one screen. The advantage of the Mega Spin Slots is that you can enjoy playing your favorite games, increase the chance of winning and this games come with progressive Jackpot, this means the more you play the more chances of winning you will have.

  • Multiplier Slot Games

As we can understand from the name, Multiplier Slot Games allow the players to have a chance to double up their winnings. Not only doubling up, you can also triple or even increase your wins as much as 100 times (all depends on the game). For example the EGT slot games are Multiplier Slot Games. After every wining spin you can double up you winnings by choosing black or red card. After that you can still double up even your winnings with the cards.

  • Multi PayLine Slots

Completely different from the classic slot game design, where you need to have the same symbols in complete one straight line. In the Multi PayLine Slots there are multiple chances of winning. You can win even if the symbols are not straight in one line, the diagonal eve the zig zag symbol matches are considered ad wins and pay good amount of the money. Multiple Slots offer up to 25 Pay Lines all depending from software provider or game to game. 

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