Classification of Players in the Casino

Classification of players in the Casino

We’ve provided you with online account storage, cash flow accounting, deposit recovery, withdrawal of funds, and online payments. Depending on these factors. Here, the method called adaptive mathematics is applied.

When you open an account with the same personal data in different online casinos, you will be perceived as a single player with the overall statistics and game style for the server. How does the casino classify the players? You will be able to transfer your account from one group to another with the help of the information below. We will also mention the title of bonus hunting in online casinos.

How does the Casino Classify the Players?

The materials and results of this article are made independently by our testers and do not take this as complete information. However, our experience shows that we have laid out the general scheme of software behavior. Please note: mandatory conditions for big earnings will depend not only on a particular group but also on many other factors:

  • Win distribution and loop length on the selected video slot
  • Size of the reward fund for payments
  • The current state of the slot machine

Tests and Results

Depending on the deposits made by the player, their amount, and frequency, the software of the slot can do all kinds of tricks. The software can create a losing streak in a row in a video slot; thus helping the player to keep playing games for the same money. Because he can be sure that he has to make a big gain to cover some of the money lost (hope of winning). Other players believe that depositing money into their new casino account will bring them more luck. Or there is a reverse trend: like playing with the money remaining after you issue an order to withdraw from the casino balance.

In our opinion, situations are much more complex than they appear at first glance. The software should create a balance between a player who earned up to € 100,000 and withdrew almost all of that money and left € 1000 in the casino, and a player who has deposited € 1000 more than 100 times but never won anything. We think there is an algorithm for assigning players to groups and classes based on their financial background.

Effect of Account Balance on Slot Behavior:

Let’s try to explain how casino software classifies players with a simple example:

  • In free mode, start any casino game by selecting it from the list on the right and you lose 5000 free money to 4,500 euro free money.
  • Choose a bet from 25 Euros and start playing. Virtual money is enough for 20 spins of the video slot. Remember the behavior in the selected game.
  • After you lose, refresh the page (the balance is again 5000 Euro) and restart the same slot machine in free play mode.
  • Make the same bet for 25 Euros and start playing.
  • You will find that the behavior of the slot machine will differ significantly from the previous game (if you play the remaining 500 Euros).

The example above shows the link between the account balance, the current bet and the video slot’s behavior. We decided that the software constantly monitors the balance of the player’s account and compares it with the current bet amount per spin.

Compensation Period of the Program:

A player who is statistically negative is more likely to win on extra high bets (in a process where he loses more than RTP) and positive (earns more than RTP) players. It is an advanced software and its behavior is not easy to predict, so there are exceptions. Sometimes (possibly at regular intervals) the program pays for playing high stakes and low balances. In most cases, it will be much more profitable to play with a portion of your current balance as a total rate per 1 spin: 1/100 for low and medium elasticity slots and 1/500 for high elasticity slots.

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