Casino Player’s Thoughts During Gambling

Casino Player’s Thoughts During Gambling

Casinos are far from fair and will try every way to get you out of every way. They are the one to blame. Where’s the goddamn game justice? Why do 80 out of 100 have to lose? Why don’t casino owners allow 99 out of 100 to win? Wouldn’t it be the key to happiness? Even though, it is not always happiness in any way. Have you ever seen a person who is completely satisfied, especially with spending money?

Have you ever thought you were building your success on the misfortune of other players? Being preoccupied with the desire to earn more money, you actually want other players to lose something. Damn, I don’t care, I’m fine as long as I’m not one of the losers. Any player can cause negative energy in their environment just as part of the bad system. You lose, others win, 5 lose, you get the x1000 bonus, it’s that simple. Once you are in this system, be prepared to face the consequences. Your loss is someone else’s gain. However, keep in mind that the casino takes 1/3 or even more of these losses in any case. Even in the lottery 50-70% of the money is taken and this is officially confirmed.

Players also have problems with consistency and logic. I will describe the game of an average player. Come on, let’s go. Hmmm… what a wonderful morning! Anyway, never mind this, a full wallet can create a more wonderful time. Some people basically express their mood as the way they see the environment (weather, other people, philosophy, etc.). When is your best mood? Probably, its lack, when they have enough money or not?

All day long you ski in the mountains, shoot, jump, and like all that good stuff, but here comes the evening, accompanied by such a huge desire to invest money you can’t handle. You are done and you cannot explain it. So, below you can see the account balance and mood (presented as thoughts).

Casino Player’s Thoughts

Yeah !! …. it wasn’t easy, but here I am, hmmm .. let’s spend 100 dollars… I have to be careful, I learned my lesson. 100 $ deposit is a salary, you played this very hard, slots are generous and you won another 100 dollars, but that’s not enough! I need more coins. Damn, it was fast, I lost it. Let’s spend another 100 dollars, I’ll be fine, hmmm… – $ 200 is pretty bad. Another deposit, repeatedly until you run out of money. Casino (software) can sometimes allow you to win. Suppose you were lucky enough and got $ 500 back.

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