Casino Broadcast as a Factor of Laziness

Casino Broadcast as a Factor of Laziness

A few years ago, I started watching poker videos to get an idea of poker. The idea was pretty simple; learning from someone else’s mistakes. Then, online streams and live streams began to gain popularity, while recorded videos attracted fewer and fewer viewers. This is the way our brain works, it pays little attention to past events and wants to be in the spelling of history in real time now. aggressive, attitude, self-confidence. That’s why today we will talk about Casino Broadcast as a Factor of Laziness.

I’m sharing all of my subjective braids, nothing more. At the very beginning, you definitely have fun while processing a publication, you are interested in examples, looking forward to knitting reactions in different situations. You have no interest in anything else one and you take time to watch a video.

Perhaps this still works because of human laziness. Many of us may have a job directly connected to the internet, so there is more time to spend watching some YouTube videos or more broadcasts. It’s not all about the casino, you have to consider all the details where the visual factor plays a key role. Your brain is unconsciously working to make you give up any work, including the mental one. Meanwhile, the brain spends up to 30% of the total body energy. I don’t wonder how laziness persuades you to make excuses and not waste your time at that moment, which reduces all the tiring mental work and encourages you to deal with something else because you are a professional in getting a job. Each of us is quite lazy, and only a few of us manage to overcome this mind game. I’m not here to explain this phenomenon in detail, but considering that 90% of people are lazy and useless, I think it’s an extremely dominant situation.

Casino Broadcast

I apologize for going off topic. Depending on the content, there are different types of posts; cognitive, interesting and trash. Let’s talk about trash content, casino streams. While watching such content, the conscious mind of the viewer generates a range of details and factors; loss, loss, more loss, what’s next, reaction? So you see how risk works without risking anything, like watching a favorite TV show or movie. Actually, you want more drama, so the content is real. Someone will be killed, the other will lose the house – damn, all I need is some more popcorn.

Another factor is the predisposition to the object of interest. If you’ve never played in a casino or DotA, you will find this whole process pretty boring, regardless of your level of masculinity. So, being included in this, you know what it’s all about, so you’ll enjoy watching bonus and high stakes games.

Casino streams are particularly the ones that break the barriers of newcomers – they prove that the casino villains the community speaks about are not; You can withdraw winnings, everything is legal, you can win and lose; If there is a story of someone winning an apartment or car in a casino, people will start to see it as easy money. Again, that’s how psychology works – no one remembers the losses, but a big 6 million win is more welcome!

Just one fact: after the broadcast ends, people generally start looking for information related to it: their favorite food, drinks, casino, etc.

Pink elephants or Jack and Beanstalk are great slots even for those who have never played them, as they know them as hot and generous slots while watching the stream.

I often scrutinize casino streams, but I can say that such advertisements are quite effective. It brings more players, so the casino is closer to the community. Thus, it has gained the popularity required to stay in the online gaming market, and publishers are those who attract more customers and encourage them to play more. I think there are publishers we need to support instead of criticizing.

Still, I wouldn’t say that one publisher or one streaming format is more interesting than another. This is all about us, lazy people. You may or may not like a broadcaster, they may or may not have money, usually nobody cares and the show continues. The temptation to watch 8k spins where 3 spins is a bet is hard to resist. Isn’t that amazing?

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