How Can I Win At Roulette?

How Can I Win At Roulette? When playing live roulette at the casino, the casino always has the advantage due to the mathematical laws and rules of the game. This advantage lies in the fact that the roulette wheel has 37 sectors and its profit is paid only if the wheel has only 36 cells. The extra sector of the roulette wheel is that it gives the casino an advantage of 1/37 of all bets, ie 2.7 percent.

As you can see, this is not a big advantage. In addition, it is purely theoretical and only important for the casino. Thousands of players show up in the long run as a result of their game. If this mathematical advantage was important to every player, all roulette players would have completed their games and would lose 2.7 percent of all bets. However, in practice it is not so.

A player can lose a fortune in a few million because he can beat a million roulette. The reason for this is that there is a huge difference when playing roulette. Deviation of actual results from calculated values. Due to the distribution, players can neglect the mathematical advantage of the casino and successfully win at roulette.

To win roulette, first you must learn not to lose. That’s why we would highly recommend you to check our gaming tips posts on our website.

How to Win Roulette? What are the Main Rules?

You can beat roulette with a single bet, but this is unlikely. If you can repeat your bets in case of failure, your chances will increase, so the size of your bets must match your wallet. Remember, you can play such an amount on “number” to repeat the bet 40-50 times. If you place a dozen bets, you should be able to repeat the bet 10 times. If you bet on the betting odds (for example, “red-black”), you must have money for other 4-5 odds.

Mutual Bets – Random Game

In roulette, the number 31 is a red number. For example, if you bet 31, never bet the black one at the same time. Indeed, if the number 31 is lost, the bet on “black” will be clearly lost. The most ridiculous example of special bets is the simultaneous bet on “black” and “red”. It completely deprives the player of the chance to win, but retains the possibility of not losing if the “zero” falls.

Sometimes inexperienced players literally fall asleep on the roulette table. They just put all the “numbers” in a row, guided by emotions. Usually one of the bets will win, but due to the very high sum of bets lost, such players lose money. A successful roulette is necessary for the game strategy. Even a bad strategy is better than a dangerous game. You should sit at the roulette table, make a plan of actions that should be followed tightly in your mind.

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