Best Blackjack Betting Options!

Blackjack Betting Options

Blackjack is one of the more popular casino games of all time, it’s really important to know the rules, betting options, and payout limits. That’s why in this article we will explain everything that you need to know about Blackjack Betting Options. Every player must bet to play blackjack and go round. When it comes to payout, the winner gets a 1: 1 payout.

Accordingly, if the player has made a bet of 20 EUR and, as a result, wins, the player will receive 40 EUR payout. If the player makes Blackjack on the 2nd card that he will receive, the player will be paid 3:2. For example, if the player has made a bet of 20 EUR, and makes Blackjack with the second card he will get 50 EUR payout. Unlike the main bet, there are side bets that are frequently used in blackjack. Side bets are indifferent.

All the Blackjack Betting Options

Blackjack Betting Options

Side Bet

The side bet is an additional bet to win more after the main bet has been placed. Blackjack is the only game that offers side bets in casino games. Even if you lose your main bet in the game, you can win with side bets.

Start the game by depositing the game pot (entrance pot) in Blackjack. You can then bet from the betting options that appear by clicking the side bet link. The player can make 2 bets on live Blackjack tables.

Perfect Pairs Bet

21 + 3 Bet

In Perfect Pairs betting, the goal is to find the same 2 cards as the 2 cards given to you. In 21 + 3 Bet, it is essential to find the same and similar 3 cards with a total of 3 cards, these 2 cards, and the only card the dealer received for the player.

The Perfect Pairs side bet type is 3 types: mixed double bet, colorful double bet and two exactly the same card bet.

  • The condition sought in the mixed pair bet is that there must be two cards with the mixed symbol with the same card value. For example, if the two cards you have are Clubs 7 and Diamonds 7, you win 6 times the bet amount you put on the table.
  • In the colored double bet type, you must find the same colored cards, namely 2 cards, hearts, or diamonds or clubs. For example, if the two cards you have are hearts 7 and diamonds 7, you win 12 times the bet amount you put on the table.
  • In the same two-card bet type, you must find the same 2 cards with their types and numerical value. For example, both cards are clubs 6. When you win this bet, you earn 25 times the money you deposit.

The 21+3 Blackjack Bet

This side bet type is made on 3 cards in total, being 2 cards of yours and 1 card of the cashier. The various sub-types of this bet are:

Flush Bet

Flush Bet: The two cards of the player are made with the same type of 1 card in the safe. For example, if your 2 cards are diamonds of 9 and diamonds of 10, and the card of the house is a diamond of 3 your bet will win. The payout of this bet is 5 times the amount of the placed bet.

City Bet

City Bet: The cards are made up of sequential numbers, regardless of their type. For example, if the player’s cards are: hearts of 6, diamonds of 7 and clubs of 8 players will win. The payout is 10 times the amount of placed bet. For example, if you made a 10 EUR bet the amount you will win will be 100 EUR.

Triple Bet

Triple Bet: It is a type of bet that must be held by 2 cards of the same numerical values. For example, 3 of 7 is enough for this bet to win. In this case, the payout is 20 times the money placed as a bet.

Sequential Flush Bet

Sequential Flush Bet: This type of bet is played on 3 cards of the same suit. For example, 3 cards must be clubs of 10, 9, and 8. In this case, the player will get a payout of 40 times the bet amount. If you placed a bet of 10 EUR and win sequential flush bet you will win 400 EUR.

Super Triple Betting

Super Triple Betting: All three cards must be the same suit and the same number. The player wins 100 times the money of the placed be. It is the hardest bet to win.

We hope you will increase your chances for winning more by using these Blackjack Betting Options options! Also don’t forget that you can always share your thoughts down bellow in the comments area, we would be really happy to hear from you!

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