If you have started to search for poker winning tactics on the internet, you have learned poker and you are ready to start winning by using the best winning tactics in poker. It was my duty to help you in this preparation way. So before I start with the tips and tricks, I would like to mention the first rule. I know you want to win at poker, but do you have the time for that? Because you have to play for hours to win, have a very good memory, and watch other players with great care. But you should be careful while watching, especially if you are trying to learn the tactics, stop walking around the masters, they will not give clues to those like you in life. Unlike the masters, be with those who think they know poker well, as if they are already ingenuity, they put all they know in the palm of your hand.

David Sklansky, the author of The Theory of Poker, has two very good words.

“When I play each hand, I play that hand differently than I play with other hands. In this way, I prevent my competitors from learning my style of game. You win because your opponents make mistakes. If you lose, you are making a mistake. “

Texas Holdem is more of a strategy game than a game of chance. For this reason, make sure that the day you will play Poker is a particularly good day. Play when your thoughts are clear, you are happy, also be careful and play when you are not nervous and tired. And above all, DO NOT hurry. There is no benefit in spending your lucky day waiting for a good card, so start producing strategies that will be in your favor.

When you play with your friends, you learn about their game habits and start guessing what steps to follow. But it is not so in tournaments. You sit at the same table with people you have never met or known in your life. You should be very vigilant at this stage. Never talk for a while, do not make aggressive moves, follow every move of the other players, that is, just watch what other players do.

Bluff in Poker

While bluffing at poker, it is necessary to take the collar. Of course, you will lose some money when your bluff is seen, but if you succeed in bluffing, you will earn a few dollars. But the important thing is that your behavior is unpredictable by other players. Bluff is an art. There are two different bluffs. Players who think they should be bluffing all the time and those who don’t bluff at all. In terms of the richness of your game variation in poker, it will be difficult for opposing players to solve your strategy.

Tight Game

Being tight means you don’t play everything you get. There are many cards that look weak and are actually weak. However, there are some hands that look strong but can actually be considered weak.

Aggressive Game

There is a simple rule in poker. You don’t want to be the only one to see bets. You should develop the game under your control, not just by seeing the opponent’s bets. If necessary, you must manage the stakes. Your total win in a poker game is a result of your opponent’s mistakes. When do people make mistakes? When they have to make an important decision under pressure. So you have to suppress them with your stake.


The hardest part of this game is that you control your psychology. If you have an irritated structure, the poker is not for you. If you can’t control your nerves, you can’t control your game either. Bad psychology affects the game. Do not make this mistake.

Position Factor

Being in a good position also gives you control.

The dealer is always the strongest player. Because the button is on it and it can make the last bet. The most recent bets are the players with the most knowledge at the table. These players make the most competent decisions as they know how to advance the game at the table.

Another strong player is the person to the right of the dealer known as Cut Off. These players are stronger than the dealer. Because the player can raise the bet and exclude the dealer from the game. The Cut Off is also in the strongest position on the table.

The players who are in other positions are known as the weakest players. Because they have the least information about the table. And they cannot make a decision as competent as the distributor.


Players to the left of the dealer are called blind. They are the first to bet. Because the game is still in a better position when it comes back to it. The button can open you a good bluff door, being in one of the small blind and big blind. If the table hesitates to bet and is blind, a big raise can scare everyone out of the game and be the winner in the pot.

The Area Factor

Most players have the idea that they have to be played with many players to win big. Technically, this is true, but the fact that there are so many players carries the possibility that you will lose big. It is better to get as many opponents out of the game and win a lot of small pots until only a few people remain in the game. It is better to win continuously over a long period of time than to win big once. Keep your game tight in the first rounds – be conservative and watch out for the behavior of other players. Some players will start to notice cases like aggressive play, big bluffs, and when you start mastering it, you’ll be able to use their own style against them to get their chips. Carefully index your hands, until I read the table or indeed until you have a good hand to play tight and conservative. By changing your playing style, you can cause many players to withdraw.

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