Netent Classic Slot Games

Netent Classic Slot Games

Classic slot games, also known as fruit slots, are often treated like “stepchildren” in the industry. On the one hand, they are video with their sparkling graphics, even 3D slot games, on the other side with unpretentious fruits and little cogs. For some reason, the player’s hand always goes to the “flashy” one. Classic slot games, pretending to be the disliked and every day less and less players choose to try their luck on the classic slots. However, the “knowledgeable players” do not leave these machines. They treat those who only play video slot games as “novice tourists”. Why so? Well, let’s share a few “secrets” with you.

It is useful to start with NetEnt company. NetEnt is a company that has produced more than 150 online casino games in total. Approximately 20% of these games are included in the classic / fruit slot games. The percentage of video and 3D slot games being preferred is higher, but when it comes to comparing the winnings… Classic slot games are at the top! In other words, these tiny little money-laden coin games earn a lot more. The reason is simple: RTP rates are high. RTP; is an abbreviation for Return To Player. It is used roughly to calculate how much of the deposited money are returned to the player. Or let’s say your odds of winning. In normal video slot games, this value is around 94-95% on average. On the other hand, in classic slot games… Hold tight, it is exactly 99%.

We seem to hear you asking why is this happening. Let’s explain: In all slot games, you have to wear identical symbols on the paylines to win. The natural conclusion from here is that the fewer the symbols, the more likely you are to win. 50 symbols mean 50 probabilities on the reels. If it’s three symbols… Well, I guess you got the main idea. In other words, your chances of winning in that classic slot game that you underestimate because “there are only three reels, five pay lines”, is actually much higher. It’s not over, the total number of money these games pay for (if you include the jackpots) is also much higher. So the way to get rich in a short time is through classic slot games – even if they don’t have nice graphics.

The most striking games of NetEnt in this class are; Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000. You can play both on some of the online casinos that we reviewed. Among them, Mega Joker is more popular. Because it uses a progressive jackpot system. It is very simple to play: It contains only three reels and five paylines. Its symbols are so few that you can keep in mind the payout value of all of them. If you can’t keep it, all of them are already constantly displayed on the interface. Mega Joker uses a double gear system. In other words, there are three cogs both above and below the game screen. When you start playing from the bottom and earn a profit, you switch to the reels at the top. If you ask what is the difference on the upper side, the payment values ​​of the symbols there are higher. Jackpot 6000 works with a similar system, but there is no over / under distinction, all the reels are in the same place. You have the chance to win 6,000 coins every time you hit the spin button.

If you are a player who believes in the philosophy of “fast, easy, and quick”, we strongly recommend you to try the NetEnt classic slot games. You will be trying to fill your pockets while others are looking at the sparkling graphics and smiling happily!

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